Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment and Energy Efficiency

7-8 October 2013

A second ETSI Workshop on Environmental Impact Assessment and Energy Efficiency will take place on 7-8 October 2013, in Athens, Greece, hosted by the Greek Research & Technology Network (GRNET) and supported by the ECONET project.
Protecting the environment is a global concern, and one which involves whole industries, as well as individuals. Determining how to reduce the environmental impact and reducing energy consumption will provide obvious environmental benefits, but it also makes good business sense.
ETSI has been at the forefront of developing standards aimed at improving energy and environmental impact of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) networks, equipment and services.
ETSI activities cover methods of measuring energy and environmental assessment, environmental and infrastructural aspects for telecommunication equipment and its environment, power supply interface requirements and grounding for ICT equipment, alternative power sources in telecommunication installations, best practices to reduce energy consumption, and standards for life cycle analysis of environmental impact.
Many research initiatives are ongoing in parallel, aiming at creating a deeper understanding on the environmental impacts of ICT and finding ways to further increase energy efficiency (e.g. ECONET, EARTH, specific university projects with a more limited scope..)

Goals of the workshop

The workshop will emphasize how to evaluate and reduce the environmental impact of ICT. In addition the workshop will enable delegates to:
  • Obtain an overview and share views on energy and environmental assessment methodologies.
  • Share views on applicability of energy and environmental assessment standards between ETSI and other organizations;
  • Get an overview on the applicable research activities and their (potential) relationship with standardization;
  • Identify research methodologies used for energy and environmental impact assessment and their relations to standards;
  • Identify any potential gaps, overlaps and harmonization opportunities of the energy and environmental assessment standards and methodologies;
  • Analyze future requirements for energy and environmental assessment standardization of ICT equipment, networks and services.

Programme Committee

Benjamino Gorini, Alcatel Lucent, ETSI TC EE Chairman
Mauro Boldi, Telecom Italia
Richard Hockley vice chair of TC EE
Anders Andrae, Huawei
Pernilla Bergmark, Ericsson
Claudio Bianco, Telecom Italia
Raffaele Bolla, University of Genoa
Daniel Dianat, Ericsson
Paolo Gemma, Huawei
Marcello Pagnozzi, ETSI
Anastasios Zafeiropoulos, GRNET
Ahmed Zeddam, France Telecom


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