Twitter Quietly Adds Website Analytics (& You’ll Love It)

Did you know you can see how your website is performing on Twitter?
You can see all the tweets that link to your website, whether or not they include your @username. You can see tweets that link to any specific page on your website. You can see how often Twitter users click on links to your website, or to any specific page.
It’s true. And it’s all right there in Twitter Analytics, quietly added sometime in the past couple months.
Back in June, when we covered the Twitter Analytics public launch, the “Analytics” dropdown had two options — Timeline activity and Followers. Both of those provide data related to the Twitter account like follower growth and how your tweets are performing.
Now, we’re seeing a third option called “Websites” as shown below comparing an image from our June article with what’s there today.
The “Websites” screen is different because it presents data not about your Twitter account, but about a website that you verify by adding code to the home page. (Multiple websites can be added to the dashboard.)
And it’s incredibly detailed. (In other words, you’ll love it.)
Twitter’s website analytics focuses on two main metrics: tweets and link clicks. The first shows tweets from any account that link to the website, and it appears that it doesn’t matter what link shortener is being used. The latter, link clicks, shows exactly what it sounds like — how often those links are being clicked. For both, you can choose to see “top” or “all.”
You can see analytics for a specific page on the website via the “View page within website” option in the upper right, and you can change to any one of a dozen timeframe presets (shown below — click for a larger version).

By Matt McGee
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