Strickling : We Strongly Favor the Multistakeholder Model of Internet Governance

Assistant Secretary of Commerce in US responsible for communications and information policy and National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Administrator Larry Strickling : "With respect to internet governance, we strongly favor the multistakeholder model of governance and by that I mean a process that involves not just governments but also businesses, civil society and academics... anyone really in participating in these discussions. And more importantly be involved in the actual decision making. So we talked about a minute ago about ICANN which is an example of a multistakeholder organization. Anybody by simply coming to the meetings can participate as a same level as anyone else at these meetings. There is no difference you know, just because you're from government doesn't give you a greater say than somebody from the business. And also somebody from the business doesn’t have a greater say than somebody form civil society. Everyone is equal in these discussions.

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