Quantum-Safe-Crypto Workshop

26-27 September 2013

Sophia Antipolis/France

Goals of This Workshop

The aim of this workshop will be to set out some short and medium term objectives towards the long-term goal of a quantum-safe cryptographic infrastructure. Such goals could include, for example, a standard for combining a battle-tested conventional key-establishment algorithm with a quantum-safe key establishment protocol, other study items or pre-standards, etc.
In order to achieve these goals, all stakeholders are encouraged to start new standardization work within ETSI (either new groups and/or expand the role of some existing groups).

Target Audience

The targeted audience consists of the key players and decision makers in deploying a global quantum-safe cryptographic infrastructure. This includes implementers of conventional post- quantum cryptography (i.e. crypto algorithms resistant against quantum computers), QKD implementers, implementers of cryptography and security tools and systems (which will need quantum-safe cryptographic primitives)), first industry and government adopters of quantum- safe tools, standardization bodies, and anyone else interested in moving now to be a part of creating the quantum-safe cryptographic infrastructure for the future.

Program Committee

  • Charles Brookson, Chairman of ETSI OCG SEC, Zeata Security
  • Johannes Buchmann, Prof. of Informatics and Mathematics at TU Darmstadt, Deputy Director of CASED
  • Matthew Campagna, Director of Certicom Reseach, BlackBerry
  • Donna Dodson, Deputy Chief Cybersecurity Advisor & Division Chief for Computer Security Division at NIST
  • Gaby Lenhart, Senior Research Officer at ETSI
  • Michele Mosca, Director, CryptoWorks21 and Deputy Director, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo
  • Mark Pecen, Senior Vice President R&D at Blackberry
  • Bart Preneel, Professor, COSIC, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Carmine Rizzo, Security Expert at ETSI
  • Masahide Sasaki, Director Quantum ICT Laboratory at NICT
  • Andrew Shields, Chairman of ETSI QKD, Toshiba
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