abstrakt (oil paint study) from kynd on Vimeo.
Should simulated painting look good? Yes, at least to some extent it should be somehow interesting to look at. I’m spending some time to make them look OK but since they are experimental studies, I’d rather prefer to move on quickly to the next trial than sticking to one project too long.
Simulated painting could possibly be very beautiful visually. Yet I wouldn’t feel like spending a lot to buy the resulting pieces even if some genius invented an algorithm that could perfectly reproduce Van Gogh or Picasso.
The real fun is in the process of studying how people, including myself, paint, see and react to or evaluate paintings through trying to reproduce it almost from the scratch. the medium and the method, that are usually thought better to be invisible so that the viewer can focus on the art, are actually the subjects here.
It is more like playing with a very complex puzzle where tweaking a little part can change the composition of all other pieces. I believe it is, to me, impossible to make a human painter completely into code, nor probably it is not what exactly I mean to do. There always needs to be abstraction occur in some level, and the game is to find several rather simple rules that can produce seemingly complex and realistic phenomenon.
This is analogous to Boids(example) being able to reproduce the behavior of flocking birds or fishes from only a few rules regardless of whether the rules are what real birds are following.
And a quick comment to add is that this is not such a serious project but rather is a fun study of openGL and openframeworks trying out what I can do with them. It just goes random.
August 21st, 2013
Trying to compose watercolor animation, a finding was that what looked ok as discrete still images can yield somehow unnatural artifacts to the human eyes when in sequence, especially when in multi color.
Monochrome like this seems to be safer. Need a little more study.
watercolor animation study from kynd on Vimeo.
testing the same algorithm with slightly more but rather modest colors:
jerryfishes from kynd on Vimeo.

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