Dainese: D-Air

D-air®: Intelligent clothing

D-air® Intelligent clothing is technology you can wear thanks to the innovative integration of expertise from a variety of fields, including electronics, mechanical engineering and ergonomics. Integration that's made possible by another field of expertise – that of designing safety tailored to the human body.
What makes clothing "intelligent"? Its ability to protect users in situations where they are unable to control what's happening around them – even without their own intervention.
What is D-air? D-air® is a protection technology platform that uses an intelligent system to detect dangerous situations and inflate special airbags around the body.


D-air® Racing works in synergy with the existing body armour in professional racing leathers, shielding the following areas of the rider's body:

  • Neck
    D-air® Racing limits the inclination of the head in relation to the neck and reduces helmet movement during rolling.
  • Shoulders
    The system brings the extra shoulder protection of an airbag certified both to the current EN1621-1 standard and to the future EN 1621-4. (Tested by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH)
  • Collar bones
    D-air® Racing reduces the risk of direct helmet impact on the collar bones.
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