Intel Pocket Avatars Beta Test

Image Credit: Intel

Welcome to the Experience Trial for Pocket Avatars, the new unique personal messaging app from Intel to express yourself to your friends and family! Pocket Avatars is a unique messaging application that creates a speaking Avatar using your facial expressions for sending messages to your friends and family.
· Pocket Avatars provides you with several different avatar models (each with different use features and personalities) where each one will interact in a different and fun way depending on who you are.· No two messages can ever be the same with Pocket Avatars, in contrast to today's text and emoticon based messages.· You can play with the various avatar models to control and animate them just by using your own facial gestures (i.e., we have essentially replaced the use of hand-held game controller buttons and joysticks with your own real-time facial movements).If you are selected to participate in the beta, we will contact you at the email address you provide with an invite to TestFlight (, where you will be able to register your device allowing us to get you the app.

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