Get Smart: Smart Homes, Cars, Devices and the Web

Ease of user-interaction (user experience) with applications has become a prime focus world-wide, thanks to the proliferation of new devices and platforms including mobile phones, tablet devices, eBook readers, and gaming platforms. In addition, traditional platforms such as TV's, audio systems, and automobiles are rapidly becoming capable of much more intelligent interaction than in the past.
User-interaction through speech, touch, gesture and swipe has become the key differentiator in the success of popular applications today. One of the key advantages of the W3C Multimodal Architecture (MMI) is its suitability for simple to sophisticated applications across devices in creating compelling user experiences, leveraging advances in i/o methodologies, and supporting inter-operability among multiple vendors' products.
This workshop was aimed at accentuating the merits of HTML5 and the W3C Multimodal Architecture to help create the appropriate level of awareness of the maturity of the MMI Architecture and its suitability for developing innovative and compelling user-experiences across applications/devices.
Seventeen position papers were submitted, and there were 26 registered participants. There were 18 presentations spread over the two days of the workshop.

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