This Is Your Year — Go Big With Mobile Drafting In The New Yahoo! Fantasy Sports App

At Yahoo! Fantasy Sports we pride ourselves on being the #1 home for fantasy, giving you awesome apps, world-class up-to-the-minute news and updatesand everything else you need to win big…and of course talk a little smack with your friends along the way.
Today, the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports mobile team is proud to share some news. We’re launching the 2013 Fantasy Sports app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android smartphones, with a new design and lots of great new features. Front and center is what you’ve all been asking for — mobile drafting!
To make the best end-to-end mobile fantasy sports experience out there, we drafted our own team across Yahoo! including the recently acquired Bignoggins Productions, and Loki Studios.
As a Yahoo! Fantasy Sports Football manager, you can now sign up, draft a team and win your league championship wherever you are.
Yahoo! Fantasy is now faster and easier to use with the complete end-to-end fantasy experience available on every screen. We’ve even added free notifications so you’ll always be up to the minute while you’re out and about.
Draft day is the most important date for any fantasy football player, so we’ve built in mock drafting to help you prepare and get an edge on the competition. Not into football? Basketball, hockey and baseball are on the way, too! All of our Fantasy games will now live under one mobile roof — that’s why we renamed it the Yahoo! Fantasy Sports app.

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