Patient Room 2020

What would a patient room look like if the architecture, products, technology, and medical processes were all designed in unison?  Patient Room 2020 is a conceptual proposal that demonstrates how the integration of these key components could streamline the delivery of care, improve patient outcomes and redefine the medical experience in the 21st Century. 

A premium has been placed on the interoperability of the architecture, products and systems in order to eliminate the wasteful redundancy and technological clutter that plague many modern healthcare facilities.  In order to facilitate changing technology and the dynamic needs of healthcare systems, the space features a prefabricated, modular system of interchangeable parts that allow adaptations to occur with a minimal impact on facility operations.  Additionally, the technological touch points that are woven into the concept empower patients to have a sense of comfort and control during the medical experience by empowering them to connect with remote loved ones, collaborate with caregivers, and adjust various environmental features.  As the 2010 winner of the National Center for Health Design Award, experts recognize the potential of such a design to create a new medical experience.

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