European Cyber Security Month - Next steps

Preparations for the next European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), to be held in October 2013, are shaping up, with a new website launched, meetings taking place and events being planned. Details are below.
2nd Coordinators' Meeting
On 30th July the second Coordinators' Meeting for ECSM 2013 will take place via online channels. The participants will be following up on actions from the first Coordinators’ Meeting and looking forward to the activities that will take place in October.
The meeting targets stakeholders who want to share a common message on the first day of the ECSM campaign - 1st October.

ECSM website
The ECSM website was launched during the European Union's Digital Agenda Assembly meting in Dublin, in June, and may be consulted for information. The role of the website is to be THE single point of reference for ECSM, with pointers to what is happening at country level, with information and links to organizers, events, practical information etc.
ECSM is an EU advocacy campaign that takes place in October. It aims to promote cyber security awareness among citizens. The campaign has the objective of modifying perceptions of cyber threats in everyday life - at work, or when online privately. It also aims to provide updated security information through education, good practices and competitions. ECSM ’13 activities will take place throughout the month of October all over Europe, with the support of the European Commission and ENISA.

Forthcoming ECSM events:
11th October, Brussels: European level kick-off event
October (whole month): Network and Information Security activities throughout Europe
Date TBC: Evaluation meeting and ECSM roadmap


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