VGo: Robotic Telepresence for Healthcare, Education and Business

VGo is a new productivity improvement solution that enables a person to replicate themself in a distant location and have the freedom to move around as if they were physically there. With VGo, you can see, hear, talk, interact, and go anywhere. VGo is not a traditional videoconferencing/telepresence solution where two or more people meet using specially equipped rooms or PCs in their offices. With VGo, you are completely independent of the people in the distant location – it’s 100% remote controlled. You don’t make a call – you just go there – your presence is established remotely via VGo’s physical presence. Some users describe VGo as their personal "avatar". Others describe how VGo "embodies" the remote person. And VGo is much much less expensive than current robotic telepresence solutions.

Being There Communication Types

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