Raising the Standard for Collaboration. Harnessing the benefits of BS 11000: Collaborative Business Relationships

The aim of the book is to provide an introduction to the concepts and value of collaboration and BS 11000:2010 Collaborative Business Relationships - A framework specification. It focuses on providing a first step to adoption and implementation. The concept of collaboration is investigated from three perspectives:
Why: Looking at the benefits of a collaborative standard, opportunities and risks in the context of collaborative working and how this can support a business development strategy that positions relationships to maximum effect.
How: Exploring the benefits, structure and implementation of BS 11000 to provide a robust framework for collaborative working, ensuring a sustainable business.
Where: To explore the potential applications of the approach in ensuring the creation of business value.
The book features a combination of theory, practical case studies and an outline of building blocks for successful collaboration.
David Hawkins has an extensive career in projects and procurement within the construction industry. For over forty years, he has been associated with the development and implementation of major projects in many parts of the world, which have provided an insight into the many organizational and cultural challenges that projects can generate.
Over the past decade he has been an active promoter of collaboration and partnering concepts, together with the development of extended enterprises through the building of alliances.
He was the architect and author of the CRAFT collaborative methodology and technical author of the British Standards Institution (BSI) PAS 11000 framework, the world’s first collaborative business relationship standard. He was the driving force behind the creation of BS 11000 -1: 2010 Collaborative business relationships – Part 1: A framework specification, and chairman of the BSI committee who developed the standard. In 2009 he was acknowledged as one of the world’s top 100 thought leaders on corporate social responsibility (CSR).
‘David Hawkins has not only answered the two most important questions about the critical topic of collaboration: why? and perhaps more elusively, how? He has also advanced the state of partnering by brilliantly blending the art of relationship building with the science of management into a holistic strategy that will produce results’.
Mr John Johns, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, US Department of Defense
‘What David's thinking has really impressed upon me is the fact that the foundations of successful collaboration begin with your own organisation and that successful collaboration needs to be effectively designed in to the procurement and delivery processes. Our experience of using BS11000 is that it provides the strategic and operational framework to achieve both of these things’.
Simon Kirby, MD, Network Rail Infrastructure
1. The Importance of relationships
2. Osmosis or process
3. Risk and relationships
4. Culture: consequence or construct
5. Crafting trust
6. Collaborative leadership
7. Introduction to BS 11000
8. Awareness
9. Knowledge
10. Internal assessment
11. Partner selection
12. Working together
13. Value creation
14. Staying together
15. Exit strategy
16. Implementing collaborative programmes
17. Supply chain
18. Outsourcing
19. Collaborative contracting
20. Alliance modelling
21. Mergers and acquisitions
22. Collaborating for sustainability
23. Third sector
24. Collaborative maturity
25. Future of collaboration


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