Workshop on Social Standards: The Future of Business

7-8 August 2013, San Francisco, USA
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"Social" is revolutionizing all aspects of life, from our personal communications to how work is accomplished in an organization. Social business can transform the enterprise: enterprises are increasingly applying social tools to become more efficient and gain a competitive advantage, and soon these tools will reach deep into an enterprise's architecture. The demand for interoperable social standards is growing, yet the landscape of specifications is fragmented, making it difficult to create new software that serves the needs of both users and organizations. At the same time, specifications like the Open Graph Protocol are gaining widespread traction.
W3C and OpenSocial are jointly organizing a Workshop, hosted by IBM, to address a number of important questions:
  • What use-cases and requirements are driving social business?
  • What technologies can be standardized to solve the problems facing social business?
  • What is the overall architecture of social business?
  • What is the difference between standards inside the enterprise and across enterprises?
  • What approaches are organically emerging as best practices in areas without standardization such as user engagement?
  • What are the next steps for social specifications, ranging from OpenSocial to the Federated Social Web (Open Graph Protocol, ActivityStreams, PubSubHubbub, PortableContacts, Salmon Protocol)?
The OpenSocial Foundation and W3C believe that now is the time to make progress on the standards in this space. These standards will enable the transformation of today’s enterprises to tomorrow’s cross-enterprise social businesses and to create a whole new round of innovation across the Web.

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