The Ban On Google Glass

Movie Theaters Could Possibly Ban Glass

It's still early days for Glass, and even though most movie theaters explicitly forbid guests from bringing in audio or video recording devices, we've yet to see a theater declare an outright ban of the device. But Patrick Corcoran, a VP at the National Association of Theatre Owners, says he expects the organization to begin working with its hundreds of members--including large theater chains such as Regal Cinemas and Landmark Theatres--to develop new in-theater policies that specifically address how guests can and can't use Glass.
"I can certainly see theaters developing a policy where you'd have to either put them away or check them at the Guest Services desk and get them afterwards."
(A note: The checking system may not be feasible if Google retains one of its current terms of sale provision, which states that Glass owners "may not resell, loan, transfer, or give your Device to any other person" without Google's approval.)
Corcoran says movie theft is one of NATO's biggest concerns. The organization works with the Motion Picture Association of America to regularly conduct training seminars across the country, in which it educates theater employees on the latest news and trends around in-theater camcording. Corcoran says it probably won't be long before Glass becomes a talking point during these seminars.
"It's one of the things we've really just started thinking about," he says. "We're going to have to work with our member companies to develop training programs for how to deal with it."
Considering Glass isn't even expected to be widely available until the end of this year, it may be a while still before theaters begin to report Glass-related incidents.
"Our staff members have not reported any instances of Google Glasses being used in a theatre at this time," says Russ Nunley, a Regal Cinemas representative. "But our existing policies do prohibit the recording or transmitting of films."

By Christina Chaey

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