Free community accounts on the ScraperWiki Beta

We’ve been teasing and tempting you with blog posts about the first few tools on the new ScraperWiki Beta for a while now. It’s time to let you try them out first-hand.
As of right now, the new ScraperWiki Beta is open for you, your aunt, anyone, to sign up for a free community account: Check out
We’re really excited. Not only does this mean all of our Classic Premium Account holders, and our new private beta applicants, have been settled into the new platform, but now regular Classic users get to try the new ScraperWiki out, for free.
The new ScraperWiki beta is a little rough around the edges, but it can already do everything ScraperWiki Classic did, and more. As we (and you!) develop and share new tools on the platform, it’s only going to get more powerful and more exciting.
The Code in your browser tool will let you copy and paste your scrapers from ScraperWiki Classic, while Search for Tweets, Summarise Automatically and Query with SQL should give you an idea of how simple and focussed ScraperWiki tools are meant to be. The new ScraperWiki isn’t one monolithic app – it’s an ever-expanding collection of tools that interact and plug into each other to help you get your job done. I can’t wait to see more tools appear in the near future!
To find out more about how the new Beta is different from ScraperWiki Classic, check out our “What’s new” guide. And to report any bugs or missing features, raise an issue on our Github repo or email Zach, our community manager, at

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