New Kinect hack lets you use your face as a mouse, click by winking : The FaceMouse

It’s all but time for the market to receive a new Kinect, but that isn’t stopping hackers, developers, and companies alike from whacking around on the first version of motion-capture gadget, creating new use cases for its core technology.
To that end, the following: The FaceMouse. Thomas Temme of Germany created the app, using Kinect for Windows, the PC-based version of the gadget; Kinect, as you will recall, launched first for the Xbox 360.
It really is a mouse replacement. According to the developer, it has all the proper functions: “Control the cursor just by moving your head. Click by winking your eyes, scroll by raising and lowering your eyebrows.” Hell yes.
You can find out more about the guts of the program on Channel 9. Now, the video!



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