Me and Sad Keanu: A 3D-Printing Story

I ordered him one day from a website that sells 3D-printed objects, a marketplace for goods created in the new way. Then I forgot all about it until the day he showed up, a meme materialized.

It all began in June of 2010 when a photographer spotted Keanu Reeves eating a sandwich on a New York park bench. In one shot, Reeves looks dejected for reasons unknown. The image was metastatic: he was isolated from the original and pasted into new scenes all over the web. Sad Keanu was born, and then reborn, as a life-like 3D rendering.
But that was all in the computer. Now he'd been printed. This was the real world. What had the the flip-flop done to him?
Light did not reflect off Sad Keanu the way it was supposed to. It was as if the photons knew he did not belong here.

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