2nd Cybersecurity Framework Workshop


Under Executive Order 13636, NIST was given responsibility to develop a cybersecurity framework to reduce cybersecurity risks for critical infrastructure. This meeting will bring together stakeholders to solicit their comments in person. NIST is interested in collecting information about current risk management practices; use of frameworks, standards, guidelines and best practices; and specific industry practices.
The second workshop on the Cybersecurity Framework will be an opportunity for attendees to identify, refine, and guide the many interrelated considerations, challenges, and efforts needed to develop the Framework. The majority of the workshop will be working sessions where participants will analyze and discuss the initial inputs to the Framework (including responses to the RFI) and the related preliminary analysis conducted by NIST. In order to make this a useful exercise, we ask that all participants review the RFI submissions. We also request that participants study the NIST preliminary analysis which will be available on this page no later than May 15th.
Please note that due to space limitations, registration for this workshop will be limited to 500 people. Plenary sessions will be webcast and reports on the breakouts will be available after the workshop.
The workshop will be hosted by Carnegie Mellon University. The plenary sessions will be held at McConomy Auditorium, 5000 Forbes Avenue.
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DRAFT Agenda


Start Date: Wednesday, May 29, 2013
End Date: Friday, May 31, 2013
Location: McConomy Auditorium, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA
Audience: Industry, Government, Academia
Format: Workshop


Onsite Registration: https://www-s.nist.gov/CRS/conf_disclosure.cfm?conf_id=6269
Registration Contact: Angela Ellis
The workshop will be webcast live. Registration is not required to view the webcast. To receive a reminder for the webcast, you may register here: https://www-s.nist.gov/CRS/conf_disclosure.cfm?conf_id=6309. The webcast will be available for playback after the event.

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