Yahoo’s Surprisingly Gorgeous New iOS Weather App Centers Around Crowdsourced City Photos

While Yahoo! has quietly powered iOS’ basic built-in Weather app since the platform’s earliest days, they’ve never gotten around to launching a standalone iOS Weather app of their very own — until today.
And man, is this new Weather app pretty.
Yahoo’s new Weather app is almost entirely focused around its visuals — so here, just check out this quick demo video:

The initial screen you’ll see for each city keeps things nice and simple. It’ll show all the basics: the current temp, the day’s highs and lows, the local time for that city, and a quick description of the current weather situation.
Behind that data, though, is the first sign of just how much polish they put into this thing. All of that info sits on top of a photo of the city whose weather forecast you’re lookin’ at, matched down to the time of day and type of weather. You’re looking at the forecast on a rainy afternoon in San Francisco? The picture behind it will be of something like the Golden Gate Bridge at mid-day, rain pouring. Slide over to New York, meanwhile, and it’ll be a photo of a perfectly clear evening skyline (or whatever else would match the current time/weather there.)

By Greg Kumparak

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