Anonymous takes control of North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr accounts, defaces websites

North Korea’s official Twitter and Flickr accounts have been hacked and two of its main websites defaced, in hacker group Anonymous’s latest efforts to disrupt the communist county’s online presence.
Last week, hackers that purported to be part of the ‘hacktivist’ collective claimed to have swiped 15,000 passwords from North Korea’s news and information site in response to the North Korean regime and its nuclear weapons program. While that feat remains unclear since the hackers posted details of just six of the accounts that they claimed to have gotten, there is no doubt about the latest efforts as a number of tweets from @uriminzokki and the defacings show.
Here’s a screenshot of the hacked tweets, the first of which was sent at 22:45 PDT on Wednesday.
northkoreatweethack 520x374 Anonymous takes control of North Koreas Twitter and Flickr accounts, defaces websites
Similarly, a distinctly Anonymous image has been uploaded to the country’s Flickr account, while books and music store and (the website for a North Korea-linked political regime in South Korea) have both been defaced to show images lampooning North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

By Jon Russell
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