50 Years of Inspired Insanity From Lamborghini

The first Lamborghini was not a low-slung, overpowered sports car that looked like sex on wheels. It was a tractor, and a damn fine one at that.
The man who built it, Ferruccio Lamborghini, was a perpetual malcontent who was never quite happy with anything, including the fleet of Ferraris he amassed as his wealth grew. He considered them loud and unrefined, brutish racecars haphazardly adapted for the road. He told Enzo Ferrari how he might improve his cars. Ferrari told him, in no uncertain terms, to get lost.
The temperamental Italian wouldn't have it, so he went home and began developing his first sports car. It would typify the Italian aesthetic: flashy, gorgeous, expensive and – despite his best efforts as a skilled engineer – temperamental. But it was the rolling embodiment of his vision for the perfect car.
Fifty years later, the company that bears his name continues striving toward that ideal.
It hasn't always achieved it – anyone remember the LM 002? – but Lamborghini has never failed to inspire emotion. Love them or hate them, Lamborghinis make you feel something, which is exactly what Signor Ferrucio wanted to do. They've never established the same aura as Ferrari, perhaps because Lamborghini (the company) never went racing because Lamborghini (the man) crashed during his first and only race.
Still, Lamborghini's hold a rarefied place in the automotive world. Ferruccio Lamborghini set out to build the world's best grand tourer, a car of unmatched refinement, speed and luxury. Somewhere along the line the company evolved (devolved?) into a manufacturer of some of the most outlandish cars the world has ever seen, even if they've been made by the Germans since Audi bought the company in 1998.
Here, then, is a look at the most inspired and insane cars from Lamborghini.

By damon Lavrinc
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