Telecoms Regulatory body (BEREC) issues opinion on proposed rules for enhancing high speed internet roll-out - Statement from Vice President Neelie Kroes

"I am very happy that BEREC (Body of European Regulators of Electronic Communications) has given a positive opinion on our draft Recommendation on non-discrimination obligations and costing methodology for regulated wholesale network access. BEREC fully supports our overarching objective to encourage high-speed internet investment across Europe and our strategic objective of ensuring predictable and stable access copper prices, effective non-discrimination obligations that sustain competition, and pricing flexibility for such services to meet demand. Predictable and consistent rules which contribute to a competitive EU single telecoms market are what market players and investors need for long-term planning. We will take account of BEREC's constructive opinion and work closely together to ensure that we deliver a pro-competitive, pro-investment regulatory environment. I am confident that industry will respond positively and invest.
Creating legal predictability is key to boosting competition, innovation and investments in high-speed internet in Europe and creating growth and jobs throughout the economy. The European Commission has an important role to play in that respect. Last July I announced an important policy initiative (see MEMO/12/554) to enhance high-speed internet roll-out which we are now translating into legal texts by means of a Recommendation. The positive opinion from BEREC means that we can now move forward to finalise the draft Recommendation in the coming months.
Let us not forget that high-speed internet represents the basis for Europe's competitiveness in today's and, even more so, in tomorrow's world. It is 'digital oxygen' to boost growth and jobs, and the backbone for more efficient businesses both small and large and for more efficient and better public services.
I would like take this opportunity to thank BEREC, the Chair Leonidas Kanellos, and the individual national telecoms regulators for the constructive dialogue along the whole process and for giving a clear signal that we share the determination to promote competition and investment in Europe's telecoms networks of the future."
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