Proxy Marriage Now!

We serve couples throughout the entire world, by facilitating proxy marriages for those patriotic individuals who defend our great nation by serving in the U.S. Armed Forces.

A proxy marriage is a marriage in which either the bride or the groom, or both, are unable to be present, at the civil solemnnization of their marriage.
Instead, a representative, known as a “proxy,” serves in place of each absent party (i.e. each bride and groom) for the sole purpose of saying “I do” at the civil marriage ceremony; and it is this that makes the marriage a “proxy marriage.”

Proxy marriage allows couples, who are logistically challenged by military deployment, to become married, even if they can’t be physically together in the same place for the legal ceremony.
Even in those instances wherein the bride and groom are together in the same physical location, a proxy marriage may still be an option worthy of consideration if the couple is stationed in a foreign nation wherein becoming married, pursuant to the laws of the foreign jurisdiction, proves to be too cumbersome and/or expensive.
We offer our troops, and their fiancees, the options of entering into a marriage by proxy in Montana (a double proxy marriage or a single proxy marriage), Colorado (a single proxy marriage), Texas (a single proxy marriage), or California (a single proxy marriage).


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