International Conference on Air&Space Power 2013: ICAP '13


27-29 March, 2013

The conference aims at providing a forum for presentation and discussion of original academic, defense and industrial research focusing on theoretical and applied knowledge on air&space power and interaction with technology as well as other related fields. Its outcome is intended to shed light on the future directions for the air&space power.
The ICAP’13 welcomes all contributors and participants engaged in military aviation, operations management and aerospace research. We would like to invite instructors and students from air staff and war colleges, academicians from universities and also professionals working on related fields.
The ICAP’13 will feature distinguished visionary speakers from the leading international aerospace organizations, military institutions and air component commands, who are expected to share their positions and open up discussions on new possibilities for the usage of air&space power. The conference will be held with six sessions including a very attractive keynote opening session. Other sessions will be held as follows;
- Air&Space Power Today
- Air&Space Power in Special Operations
- The Evolution of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for Future Air Warfare
- Transformation of Air&Space Power through Interaction with Technology
- Conceptual Changes in Use of Air&Space Power

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