Here’s how Apple’s new two-step verification for iCloud and Apple IDs works

Apple has introduced a two-step verification system for Apple IDs today. This is a system that lets you require verification of your identity when you sign on to a new device. This will theoretically make it more difficult for people to use your Apple ID on devices other than your own, especially to make purchases.
The new system, first noted by 9to5Mac, is relatively simple and resembles those in use at other web companies. You can set up two-step verification by visiting the Apple ID site here. You then enter your password and click on Password and Security. Once you’re there, you’ll have to enter your security questions, click on Two-Step Verification at the top of the page and then you’ll be led through the setup process.
First, the system is explained to you. It involves entering your Apple ID on a new device and receiving a verification code that you use to confirm your identity via SMS. You’ll also get a master Recovery Key that lets you gain access to your account if you lose your SMS device.

By matthew Panzarino
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