Economic expectations of real sector turn out positive in Turkey

Ekonomiye ilişkin olumlu beklentileri yeniden yakaladık

Istanbul Trade Union (ITO) President, Murat Yalcintas stated that the confidence and expectation indexes of real sector started to increase again; and one of the most important conditions of the economics is positive expectations, which Turkey caught again. He added that the financial conditions that the real sector is in should also be satisfied.
ITO announced the results of Istanbul Market Confidence Index and Istanbul Market Trend and Expectation Index, December, 2013 results.
Confidence Index prepared for defining the confidence and trend of real sector in sector-based and economic-based increased 4% in January, 2013 compared to October, 2012, and came close to positivity level of 100 points by 98.94 index value.
Istanbul Market Trend and Expectation Index increased 7.8% in January, 2013 compared to October, 2012 and became 104.58 points.
ITO Chairman of the Board, Yalcintas stated regarding the subject that the recovery in Confidence and Expectation Indexes also increased the positivity level of real sector. Yalcintas also pointed out that the recovery trend in the indexes is the consequence of economic events both in domestic terms and abroad; adding that the fact that the risk of recession in the USA was overcome to a high extent, and that the hope regarding the increase of financial resources were also influential in this.
Yalcintas also remarked that the Supportive Monetary Policy that the Central Bank of Turkey implements has huge positive effects on the economy of Turkey, in that the market welcomed them and the acceleration in the credits also approved of it. Besides, the increase expectation in the new orders reflected well on Istanbul Market Confidence Index and Istanbul Market Trend and Expectation Index, as well.
Yalcintas added that the trend is expected to continue during the coming periods of 2013.


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