Special Webcast: Incident Response & Forensics In The Cloud

Webcast Overview:

Thursday, February 07, 2013 at 11:30 AM
Incident Response & Forensics In The Cloud
Featuring: Paul Henry
The move to Private and Public Cloud changes many things including how we respond for IR and Forensics. As an example: Traditionally in a physical realm we relied upon imaging a servers hard drive as well as RAM to perform a thorough analysis. Today in the Cloud creating a forensically sound image of an "instance" of a server to capture the servers abstracted hard disk and an image of its RAM brings new technical and legal complications. An additional issue to consider is that some vendors platforms are simply not fully supported by our current IR & Forensics Tools; todays commercial tools lack the ability to perform any analysis at all on a VMware VMFS file system. Lastly, downloading a large server image may simply be cost prohibitive due to the high bandwidth costs associated with moving data out of the cloud environment.
The best course of action may be to perform your analysis within the cloud - however, the methods used in the analysis within the Cloud must be forensically sound and as always in computer forensics they must be repeatable and the result must be the same findings. In this session we will begin to explore the changes that simply must be made to your IR and Forensics procedures to properly address IR & Forensics in the Cloud.


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