Ponemon Institute First Annual Cost of Failed Trust Report

For the first time, Ponemon Institute has quantified the staggering costs of failures in cryptographic key and digital certificate management. The First Annual Cost of Failed Trust Report, underwritten by Venafi, reveals findings such as:

  1. Hundreds of millions lost due to failure to control trust
    On average enterprises are projected to risk losing an average of $35 million every two years due to attacks on cryptographic keys and digital certificates, with a maximum possible cost exposure of $398 million per organization.
  2. Serious exploits of common, easy-to-fix issues
    Easily-preventable exploits against weak cryptography occur at the stunning rate of 1.3 incidents per 24 months per enterprise—leading to costs of approximately U.S. $125 million for each business.
  3. Clear and present danger to the cloud
    Attacks against SSH keys threaten the technology that underpins Amazon and Microsoft cloud systems.
  4. Gaps that manual management cannot close
    Enterprises report an average of 17,807 keys and certificates. Fifty-one percent further admit that they do not know the full number of these critical resources deployed in their infrastructure.
  5. General understanding that things must change
    Fifty-nine percent of respondents understand that proper key and certificate management can help them regain control over trust and avoid the risks of unplanned outages, regulatory fines and data breaches.
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Measuring trust in privacy and security

Ponemon Institute conducts independent research on privacy, data protection and information security policy. Our goal is to enable organizations in both the private and public sectors to have a clearer understanding of the trends in practices, perceptions and potential threats that will affect the collection, management and safeguarding of personal and confidential information about individuals and organizations. Ponemon Institute research informs organizations on how to improve upon their data protection initiatives and enhance their brand and reputation as a trusted enterprise.

The Leader in Enterprise Key and Certificate Management

Venafi is the inventor of and market leader in Enterprise Key and Certificate Management (EKCM) solutions. Venafi delivered the first enterprise–class solution to automate the provisioning, discovery, monitoring and management of digital certificates and encryption keys—from the datacenter to the cloud and beyond—built specifically for encryption management interoperability across heterogeneous environments. Venafi products reduce the unquantified and unmanaged risks associated with encryption deployments that result in data breaches, security audit failures and unplanned system outages.


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