How Far We’ve Come: The Original iPhone Jailbreak Took 74 Steps [Jailbreak]

Jailbreaking has come a long way since the dark ages of the original iPhone. Now it’s a simple matter of plugging your iOS device into your computer for five minutes and following a few easy steps. But it used to be way more complex.
Let’s rewind to 2007, back when only a handful of hackers were tweaking and unlocking their iPhones and iPod touches. It took 74 individual steps to jailbreak the original iPhone OS.
“Jailbreaks for the iPod touch first surfaced a month after the first model was released in September 2007, when hackers released JailbreakMe 1.0 (also called “AppSnapp”) to jailbreak iPhone OS 1.1.1.,” according to Wikipedia. Once you jailbreak, you can install apps and system-level tweaks that Apple doesn’t allow in the App Store.
Today I stumbled across this interesting MacRumors forum thread from 2007. It details each step for performing the first public jailbreak. The poster said, “Hey all, I take NO CREDIT for this guide, I followed it on the #itouch irc channel from the amazing planetbeing!” An IRC channel is an online chat room were hackers and coders collaborate. Planetbeing is the same hacker who is currently spearheading the impending iOS 6.1 jailbreak.

Author: Alex Heath
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