Evaluation and Management Coding Advisor 2013

Evaluation and Management Coding Advisor 2013
Evaluation and Management (EM) coding is notoriously difficult, mainly because coders have trouble accurately selecting a code from among a range of seemingly appropriate choices. Consequently, providers make more mistakes with EM coding than coding for any other item or service. This new resource offers detailed and advanced guidance on selecting the appropriate EM codes, with helpful resources designed for difficult EM coding situations. Key Features and Benefits Updated Bell Curve data shows EM code utilization by specialty. Also includes average charge and payment amount for EM services, by specialty. Review of the EM rules and protocols. Helpful advice designed for difficult EM coding situations. Well patient exams, H1N1 flu, and other common, but problematic coding scenarios are explained. EM template examples for EMRs. Ensure accurate code selection and avoid over coding with guidelines for using templates. Targeted areas. Review what auditors are targeting, such as critical care. Compiles payer and specialty association guidance on EM coding issues. Documentation guidance. Review key factors for proper EM code selection, plus advice to help clinicians make an objective review of subjective information.

Author: Ingenix
Publication date: February 26, 2013

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