Designed-in Cybersecurity for Cyber-Physical Systems


The Cyber Security Research Alliance (CSRA) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are sponsoring a two day workshop to explore emerging research needs for cybersecurity in cyber-physical systems with the diverse cyber-physical community at large. The sponsoring organizations seek to have lively discussion on the following topics:
  • Buying the Black Box: Security in Acquisition and Implementation
  • Getting Reliable Information on Vulnerabilities and Threats
  • Working with What We Have: Securing the Base
  • Supply Chain: Its Impact on Securing CPS
  • Approaches to Assurance and Assurance Composition for CPS
  • Enabling Trustworthy Operation Readiness
The workshop will bring engineering and IT experts together that have been dealing separately with these issues, and will provide an environment for interactive discussions among the attendees including industry representatives, academics, and government officials. The workshop will encourage attendee participation through break-out discussions with limited presentations to frame the topics to be explored, allowing attendees to share experiences integrating security into existing organizations, i.e., lessons learned and examples. The first day of the workshop will explore four of the above topics, while the second day of the workshop will explore the last two. The discussions for the workshop will be used by the break-out leaders to provide input and material for whitepapers on the research needs, both short- and long-term, of the listed topics.



Security Instructions:

General NIST visitor's information, including directions, may be found here.


Start Date: Thursday, April 4, 2013
End Date: Friday, April 5, 2013
Location: NIST Gaithersburg, Maryland 100 Bureau Drive 20899 Building 101
Audience: Industry, Government, Academia
Format: Workshop


NIST and The Cyber Security Research Alliance (CSRA)

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