Zipmark launches online, mobile digital cheque platform

Zipmark, a US-based mobile and online payments company, has launched a digital cheque payment platform, an online and mobile payment system that allows small businesses to deposit funds into their operating accounts.
How it works
Zipmark partners with invoicing platforms so that Zipmark is a payment option on invoices that a business sends to its customers. Zipmark creates a cheque image from a payer and deposits those funds into a biller's operating account on the morning of the next business day. Zipmark is not a stored value account, so there is no need to fund a stored value account. When a payer sees Zipmark offered as a payment option, he needs to choose to pay with Zipmark and register for a Zipmark account. Zipmark registration links their checking account.
In recent news, Integrated Business Systems (IBS), a provider of property management software, has partnered Zipmark to offer the latter as a payment option for IBS customers using the company's new online payment platform.


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