Zennström Wins Europas Inaugural Hall of Fame

The Europas, Europe’s main awards for start ups, has a reputation for being a somewhat speedy event, and not like other awards.
In previous years, the host, TechCrunch Europe editor Mike Butcher, has rattled through the awards at a breakneck speed, or last year rode into the London nightclub on the back of a Harley.

This year’s awards were more formal (formal by the standards of startups that is), grander, and for the first time were not held in London. The team behind the Dublin Web Summit and F.ounders joined Mr. Butcher to produce a larger, but rather less high-energy, event that took place in Berlin’s Postbahnhof.

Also for the first time, the more than 70 judges had to award winners in regional awards (covering MENA, CEE, Nordics, France, Germany, the U.K. and Ireland) as well as one or two extra categories including a Hall of Fame, awarded to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the European tech scene. The inaugural award went to Skype co-founder Niklas Zennström, who was unable to attend in person.

Congratulations to Berlin-based games maker Wooga for taking the people’s choice, which Mr. Butcher reported, had seen 300,000 votes cast. Further congratulations to Moscow-based games maker Zeptolab, which was awarded the Grand Prix prize.

Commiserations to Latvian start up Infogr.am, which achieved five nominations, taking three highly commended places but didn’t manage to win an award. Better luck next time.


Best MENA Startup
Winner: Markafoni
Highly Commended: Cinemoz

Best CEE Startup
Winner: NextStories
Highly Commended: Infogr.am

Best Russian Startup
Winner: AlterGeo
Highly Commended: Zeptolab

Best Nordic Startup
Winner: Instabridge
Highly Commended: PowerKiss

Best French Startup
Winner: Qunb
Highly Commended: WriteThat.name

Best German Startup
Winner: MyTaxi
Highly Commended: EyeEm

Best UK Startup
Winner: GoCardless
Highly Commended: Skimlinks

Best Irish Startup
Winner: DataHug
Highly Commended: CurrencyFair

Hall of Fame: Niklas Zennström

Best Recruitment and Jobs Startup
Winner: InternAvenue
Highly Commended: Adzuna

Best Advertising or Marketing Tech Startup
Winner: Socialbakers
Highly Commended: Conversocial

Best Transport, Travel or Environmental Startup
Winner: Shutl
Highly Commended: BlaBlaCar

Best Education Startup
Winner: Scolibri
Highly Commended: Memrise

Best Service Provider to Startups
Winner: 33Seconds
Highly Commended: Ballou PR

Best European Startup Accelerator/Incubator
Winner: Seedcamp
Highly Commended: Springboard

Best Entertainment, Audio or Video Startup
Winner: Intellitix
Highly Commended: Crane.tv

Best Business, Recruitment or Enterprise Startup
Winner: DataHug
Highly Commended: Duedil

Best Startup From Outside Europe
Winner: Paymentwall
Highly Commended: WalkMe

Best Lightweight Startup
Winner: Sketchfab
Highly Commended: Infogr.am & Memoto


Best Middleweight Startup
Winner: Transferwise
Highly Commended: SwiftKey

Best Commerce, Finance or Payments Startup
Winner: Toshl
Highly Commended: Dashlane

Best Culture (Fashion, Art, Music, Media) Startup
Winner: Lyst
Highly Commended: Soundrop

Best Gaming or Social Games Startup
Winner: Zeptolab
Highly Commended: Playmob

Best Product Startup
Winner: EyeEm
Highly Commended: Infogr.am

Best Social, Mobile or Apps Startup
Winner: Zeebox
Highly Commended: Everplaces

Best Startup Advisor/Mentor of the Year
Winner: Max Niederhofer
Highly Commended: Philipp Moehring

Tech Journalist of the Year
Ben Rooney (The Wall Street Journal)

Best Angel or Seed Investor of the Year
Christophe Maire

Best Heavyweight Startup
Winner: Wonga
Highly Commended: Supercell

Best Startup Founder/ Co-founders
Winner: Mendeley – Jan Reichelt, Paul Foeckler & Victor Henning
Highly Commended: SoundCloud – Eric Wahlforss & Alexander Ljung

Best Exit of 2012
Winner: Face.com
Highly Commended: Qype

Best VC of the Year (Company)
Winner: Atomico
Highly Commended: Index Ventures
Highly Commended: Passion Capital

Best VC of the Year (Individual)
Winner: Neil Rimer (Index Ventures)



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