Yearbook of Statistics 2012: Chronological Time Series 2002-2011

The Yearbook of Statistics 2012 features data collected and processed by ITU through questionnaires sent to telecommunication/ICT ministries, telecommunication regulatory authorities and national statistics offices. As such, the ITU Yearbook of Statistics provides the most authoritative source of data about the evolution of the telecommunication sector, the availability of ICTs in households and the usage of ICTs by individuals.

The main features of this edition are:
  • Presentation of data in country economy tables allowing readers to view the evolution of telecommunication services by economy. Statistics are provided for the ten-year period 2002-2011. The list of statistics (see below) contained in the Yearbook and the economies (see below) for which there is a table are shown below.
  • Inclusion of the latest (2011) telecommunication and ICT household statistics tables for some 190 economies worldwide.
  • The Yearbook is available in electronic form in Adobe Acrobat (PDF). The data shown in the Yearbook are also contained in the ITU World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Database available in the WIN*STARS v5.0 (Socio-economic Time series Access and Retrieval System) data retrieval format, which permits easy selection of the required data and conversion to spreadsheets or ASCII text (requires use of IBM-PC compatible computer).

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