XPath 3.0, XQuery 3.0, XQueryX 3.0 are W3C Candidate Recommendations

The XSLT Working Group and XML Query Working Group published Candidate Recommendations for version 3.0 of XQuery, XQueryX and XPath, together with Functions and Operators and the XPath and XQuery Data Model. The Serialization specification is also published, but as a second Last Call, after substantive changes were made.
XPath is a language for selecting parts of XML documents; XQuery and XQueryX are query languages for selecting, joining and manipulating XML documents. All three languages operate on any data source that can be represented as instances of the XQuery and XPath abstract Data Model (XDM) and can use the facilities described in the Functions and Operators specification. XQuery (and external derivatives such as JSONiq) are becoming widely used in the NoSQL arena as well as with XML, RDF and large data sets.
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