Windows Phone 8 Has The Funniest Error Ever

 A Windows Phone 8 error that asks you to put in your Windows installation disc and restart the computer. It sounds too funny to be true, right? Apparently it's not. According to some digging by WMPoweruser, it's rare, but real.
Initially, the humorous error made two appearances on Twitter, by Mikko Hypponen and Johnny Ruokokoski. And the pair of instances seemed to imply that this wasn't just a joke.

But if that's not enough for you, Windows Phone Support got involved, basically confirming (or at least not denying) this as a real error. It's just not one that normal users should ever see. Instead, it's a rather deep-seated error that can only be teased out if you start messing with flashing new firmware. If you were looking for proof that Windows Phone 8 is actually on the NT kernel, this stands as pretty good proof, WMPoweruser points out.


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