Warning: Java Exploit Potentially Affecting More Than 850 Million Computers

Security experts are recommending computer users disable or uninstall Java following the discovery of a zero-day Java exploit which allows hackers to take control of vulnerable Macs, PCs and Linux computers.
The exploit takes advantage of a vulnerability left open in Java 7 Update 10, released in October of last year. It works by getting Java users to visit a website with malicious code that takes advantage of a security gap to take control of users' computers.
What's worse is this particular exploit is reportedly being used to push ransomware, a type of attack that demands users pay to have control of their computers returned from a hacker's grasp.
Java's creator, Oracle, hasn't specified the number of users who have downloaded Java 7 Update 10. However, Java runs on more than 850 million computers and other devices. When Oracle released Update 10, it "strongly recommended" that users update to receive "key security features and bug fixes."
The exploit was first discovered by French researcher Kafeine, who claimed to have found it running on a site registering hundreds of thousands of page views daily.


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