ExpandCall for Review: Three SPARQL 1.1 Proposed Recommendations Published

29 January 2013 | Archive
The SPARQL Working Group has published today a set of three documents, advancing most of SPARQL 1.1 to Proposed Recommendation. This publication completes the set of Proposed Recommendations for SPARQL 1.1, after the first series published in November 2012. Building on the success of SPARQL 1.0, SPARQL 1.1 is a full-featured standard system for working with RDF data, including a query/update language, two HTTP protocols (one full-featured, one using basic HTTP verbs), three result formats, and other features which allow SPARQL endpoints to be combined and work together. Most features of SPARQL 1.1 have already been implemented by a range of SPARQL suppliers, as shown in our table of implementations and test results.
The three Proposed Recommendations published today are:
Learn more about the Semantic Web and the Semantic Web Activity.
The Web Applications Working Group and the Web Application Security Working Group have published a Candidate Recommendation of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. This document defines a mechanism to enable client-side cross-origin requests. Specifications that enable an API to make cross-origin requests to resources can use the algorithms defined by this specification. If such an API is used on http://example.org resources, a resource on http://hello-world.example can opt in using the mechanism described by this specification (e.g., specifying Access-Control-Allow-Origin: http://example.org as response header), which would allow that resource to be fetched cross-origin from http://example.org. Learn more about the Rich Web Client Activity and the Security Activity.
The Audio Working Group has published a Group Note of Web Audio Processing: Use Cases and Requirements. This document introduces a series of scenarios and a list of requirements guiding the work of the W3C Audio Working Group in its development of a web API for processing and synthesis of audio on the Web. Learn more about the Rich Web Client Activity.

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