The Future of Identity

The Foresight project on the Future Identities set out to explore how changes in technology, politics, economics, our environment and demographics will affect our notion of identity.
The aim of the project was to come to a broad and independent scientific view of changing identities in the UK through a synthesis of existing evidence from a range of academic disciplines, including computer science, criminology, the social sciences and the humanities.
The Report identifies key challenges for effective policy making and implementation in a rapidly changing, globalised, technology-rich, and densely networked UK. It focuses on implications for: crime prevention and criminal justice; health, the environment and wellbeing; skills, employment and education; preventing radicalisation and extremism; social mobility; and social integration.
You can download the full report here and find all of the papers that formed the evidence base for the project here.
The Future of Identity project has utilised over 20 independent papers, providing a wide ranging evidence base for the project. You can access each of these driver review papers below, as well as both the full report and its executive summary.


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