The Best Moments In Motorsports That Nobody Saw

Watching most car racing in person is nearly impossible, which is why most of us watch it on a TV... when the events are televised. These are the best racing moments we saw that almost no one else did.
Now, since we've already covered the greatest saves of 2012, we'll skip all of that malarkey. If you want to see drivers dodging imminent death at 150 miles an hour, in the fog, in the rain, and on the grass all in one clip, go there. Actually, just go there anyway, there is some crazy shit in those videos.
We've also covered the craziest nutjobs of the year and even given out our year-end awards, "The Hoonies." If you want to see a guy do a burnout next to a chasm of death, that's the place for you.
There were also "The Dashies," celebrating (?) the shit that happens on the road in the former Soviet republics, all captured on ubiquitous dash cams. If you're hoping to find people survive completely unbelievable crashes, that's the place for you.
These eight videos, however, cover the kinds of motorsports you never see unless you spend way too many hours peering into grimy corners of YouTube, looking for things like eight-wheel-drive offroad championships and ice drags.
We'll start off with our gnarliest clip and we'll work our way towards something heartwarming.

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