Scope of the Collaboration Agreement Between IT Law Institute and SafeGov

In compliance with the prevailing rules and regulations of the Republic of Turkey and United States of America, a collaboration agreement is hereby concluded between İstanbul Bilgi University Information Technology Law Institute and SafeGov Online Forum. This protocol agreement is entered into recognition of joint benefits that can be derived from a program addressing problems of common interest and mutual consent.

Following articles shall apply:

I.                    Academic Cooperation Focusing on Cloud Computing, Data Protection, Privacy, Security, Data Mining,  Online Behavioural Advertising, Cyber Security, Open Government and Big Data
Academic cooperation between the two sides can be enhanced through:

1.                  Encouraging exchange of academicians and researchers between both sides.

2.                  Supporting academicians and researchers from both sides to review scientific researches mutually.

3.                  Benefitting from distinguished expertise of both sides for improving skills and capabilities of members of both sides.

4.                  Organizing a joint workshop with participation of representatives from both parties.

II.                   Scientific Research Focusing on Cloud Computing, Privacy, Data Protection, Security, Data Mining,  Online Behavioural Advertising, Cyber Security, Open Government and Big Data

Cooperation in scientific research between the two sides can be enhanced through:

5.                  Organizing scientific conferences, workshops and forums focusing on cloud computing, privacy, data protection, data mining, security, open government and online behavioural advertising and on specific fields of interest to both sides.

6.                  Enabling researchers to benefit from resources existing at both sides.

7.                  Encouraging joint publication between the academicians and researchers from both sides.

The agreement shall be in effect as of the date of signature by both parties.

This mutual agreement shall be signed for one year period, to be reviewed upon expiration of the subject period, through a mutual consent. Revision of this mutual agreement shall be applicable at any time through the official request of either of the two parties and with a due consideration of a mutual agreement.

All the issues not covered in this agreement shall be administrated through the routine procedures prevailing in technical and scientific cooperation activities between two sides.

The administrators of both organisations are responsible for carrying out this protocol.


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