Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a triangulation point of an IT audit. In order to meet the legal and technical requirements of related regulations, IT Technology offers wide range of Regulatory Compliance solutions.

Sai Global and its Compliance 360 software components are below:

Summary of Compliance Software Capabilities

Regulatory Intelligence & Content RepositoryThe compliance software provides the ability to seamlessly pull in regulatory content (laws & regulations) into a central content repository with automated alerts of changes to those laws & regulations. Upon receiving notifications of changes, the compliance software enables automated assessments to identify the extent of gaps in compliance and subsequent risks.
Virtual Evidence Room™Through this unique feature in Compliance 360, all policies, surveys, attestations, incidents, activities and documentation are directly linked to specific laws and regulations to demonstrate proof of compliance in an easily accessible view for internal & external audits. Many organizations use the Virtual Evidence Room to streamline accreditation projects and other forms of regulatory examinations.
Policy Management*The compliance software provides full life-cycle management of policies and procedures including customizable workflow for collaboration and approval processes as well as version control and audit trail features.
Executive DashboardThe compliance software includes a highly configurable home page that includes graphical reports with drill-down capability for tracking all compliance activities. Think of this as your “My Compliance” page. At a glance, you can quickly identify hot spots needing attention. The system then directs you as you identify underlying causes and enact resolutions.
Automated Regulatory AssessmentsThe compliance software includes a complete suite of regulatory assessment tools to automate monitoring and compliance gap analysis.
Incident ManagementCollect, store, and collaborate on compliance-related incident information using the compliance software, and track progress of investigations and remediation of potential issues.
Contract ManagementEnsure contract compliance using customized workflow processes within the compliance software. Automate collaboration, establish paths for approval routes and keep everyone on track for timely reviews and revisions.
Project ManagementEnterprise-wide project management with automated task management capabilities is included with the compliance software, to promote collaboration and accountability. The system includes extensive review and reporting capabilities.
ForumsUse the compliance software to manage your knowledge base of authored research and “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) relative to compliance and legal issues.
SurveysCreate customized surveys for data collection of any type including attestations and audits. The compliance software provides automated distribution of surveys to an unlimited number of respondents.
MeetingsOrganize and manage all compliance related meeting activities, record the minutes and attendance, keep track of assigned tasks and link all documentation into your Virtual Evidence Room.
Reporting & SearchReal-time reporting tools provide a global view of all activities related to compliance, and risk management with extensive drill-down capabilities. Comprehensive search capabilities allow for quick retrieval of needed information.


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