Pegasus Will Continue to Fly With Its New 100 Airbus A320neo and A321neo

Turkey's Pegasus Airlines buys 100 airplanes

Pegasus Airlines Turkey is to buy 100 airplanes as of the value of 12 billion dollars composed of A320neo and A321neo, by making the greatest order of the Turkish civil aviation history.
Pegasus Airlines within the operation of ESAS Holding ordered the mentioned 100 airplanes within the scope of 2023 targets, which is the biggest order made at once in the history of Turkish civil aviation.
First airplanes in 2016
Pegasus Airways Chairman of the Board, Ali Sabanci stated that they started operations on November, 1st, 2005; and when they first started the flights, they had made the greatest order of Turkish private civil aviation, he said. He also stated that that the first airplane is to be received in 2016, and the entire orders will have been received by 2022.
Easyjet was surpassed
Sabanci also stated that 49 million passengers flew in their airways up to today, 74% of whose flew below 100 Turkish Liras; and 22% of whose flew below 50 Turkish Liras. He emphasized that Pegasus realized its affordable flight target, adding that Easyjet, which is the fastest taking-off airways company of Europe by 95%, was surpassed by Pegasus by 95.8%. The age average of the airplanes of Pegasus is 3.86. Pegasus also became the most rapidly growing airways company of Europe last year, Sabanci stated.

Ali Sabancı

The most important player
Airbus Deputy Director General,Buckley, on the other hand, stated in his speech that Turkey is becoming the most dynamic commercial aviation market of Europe with pace; and Pegasus is one of the most important players of this transformation. He also stated that they wish for the partnership of Airbus and Pegasus to last for long years.
Features of Airbus
A320neo’s have 5200 kilometers of coverage; they are 37.57 meters long and the maximum take-off weight of 79000 kilograms with 180 seat capacity in one class, being the newest airplanes of their class. A320 airplanes are able to carry 1.2 tons more load thanks to their new engines.
Pegasus in numbers
- It started flights on November, 1st, 2005.
- It carried 45 million passengers.
- 1700 scheduled flights were realized.
- It has a formation of 42 airplanes.
- It flies to 62 destinations in 26 countries.
Aviation becomes 18 billion dollars
Turkish Minister of Transport, Binali Yildirim stated that it was a must for the civil aviation to get free and to be in the competition in the market to stay fresh. He stated that 65 million passengers were carried in domestic lines in 2012; and the total number reaches 130 million along with international line. It is also possible for Turkish citizens to catch the opportunities of cheap flight tickets by ordering in advance. Turkey’s endorsement in aviation reached 18 billion Turkish Liras, yet, Turkey has to get more of the 4 trillion dollars of the total cake in this field, he added.


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