NASCIO 2013 Federal Advocacy Priorities

Technology and telecommunications are among the most significant policy issues facing our nation’s leaders in 2013. As vital partners in delivering services to taxpayers, states and the federal government must collaborate on these issues. NASCIO serves as a key voice for the states on efforts to foster government excellence through quality business practices, information management, and technology policy.

 Advocacy Principals

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) actively promotes a stronger statefederal partnership, especially in the areas of administrative flexibility, critical infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, information sharing, business process redesign and the advancement of enterprise architecture.

With the emergence of new technologies, NASCIO’s advocacy priorities will help all levels of government collaborate and make certain IT investments will better serve the American people.

States, territories, and the District of Columbia are leading innovators in the execution of government services and play a critical role in implementing federal programs that citizens depend on every day. Collectively, they deliver over $550 billion in diverse federal programs to our citizens—ranging from Medicaid, to homeland security, to broadband expansion, to unemployment, to education. A portion of these funds are used to craft IT solutions that states purchase, develop, implement, maintain and make secure to carry out the federal programs.

With limited resources in federal and state government to carry out our missions, all levels of government and the private sector must work together to find solutions and tools that provide maximum return on investment, and deliver the government services that the American public expects. Information technology services play a significant—and often decisive—role in reducing costs and expanding services available to our citizens.

Public policy has the power to be a significant barrier or facilitator to implementing new and innovative technologies.

With this in mind, NASCIO advocates the following policy positions, objectives and recommendations on behalf of the state CIOs:

I. Modernize Regulations and Guidance to Meet Current Technology and Service Models

II. States at Risk: Work Together to Protect Citizen Data and State Digital Assets

III. Collaborate on a Nationwide Public Safety Communications Network

IV. Support the Adoption and Expansion of the National Information Exchange Model

V. Support the State Role in Identity, Credential, and Access Management Solutions

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