What would you do if you learned that your name, age, home address, kids’ names, annual income and mortgage payments were available to anyone with Internet access? They are.
What about a one-star review of your dental practice on Yelp, provoked by a mistake made by an administrative staff member who no longer works for you? It's probably still there.
The Internet makes it easy for you to compare products and prices, rent a house, find a doctor, or plan your travel. But it also makes it easy for others to find information about you — or to post something about you that may or may not be true. Why should you care?
Scammers, stalkers and identity thieves prey on private data. Equally harmful are things we call negative content — a bad review of your business, a nasty comment on Facebook, an article about something from your past that’s simply irrelevant now — that could damage your personal life or your livelihood. We can help.
We combine experience and expertise from a wide range of disciplines — including law, economics and quantum physics — to work for you.
Founded by the world’s leading thinker in digital privacy and online reputation, and led by some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley, has a world-class team of technologists and researchers focused on helping people control their lives online. And our award-winning member services team here in Silicon Valley is available to help every step of the way.
Our cutting-edge technology will monitor the Web 24/7 for your private data, finding and removing it from dozens of people-search sites. And we’ll keep monitoring it, to make sure that the information stays private.
Our publishing team will create custom profiles and other content for you or your business to build a positive online presence, and our expert reputation advisors will work with you to push down or suppress any negative content that shows up high in your search results.
Everyone should be able to control his or her own online reputation, and all the private data that includes. We’ll help you take back the reins.
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