Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3

Masterclass in HTML5 and CSS3

This course if for anybody who wants to learn to build websites using the latest web standards

This course will introduce HTML5 and CSS3 to the beginner. It aims to build an example website incorporating all the most common elements of design and layout, and provide a knowledge framework that will enable the class to further their training and build more involved websites on their own.The course will be practical, and attendees will code a simple website step-by-step, from the basic structure up to the finished product.

Each step will be fully explained, and open discussion will be welcome. Feedback will be available during and after the class. The aim is to arm attendees with enough understanding to code their own sites and further their abilities through personal research.

The course will enable students to:
• Understand the basics of HTML5 and CSS3, and what the syntax and structure rules are.
• Build the basic framework of a website with HTML5
• Incorporate various elements in HTML5, eg headers and paragraphs, navigation and links, images, tables, sidebars and footers
• Introduce style and layout techniques with CSS3
• Create more interesting navigation effects with CSS3

Students should be comfortable using computers, but no specific software knowledge is needed.

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