IAB Digital Ad Engagement Whitepaper: An Industry Overview and Reconceptualization

The IAB, in collaboration with Radar Research, released the “Digital Ad Engagement: An Industry Overview and Reconceptualization,” a report that addresses a longstanding challenge faced by advertisers, publishers, agencies, marketers and a variety of other interactive industry participants for whom ad “engagement” is an essential device in digital advertising—yet one which lacks a precise and universal definition. The focus of this whitepaper is the importance of establishing a much-needed framework for defining and rethinking ad engagement vernacular and metrics.
“Digital Ad Engagement: An Industry Overview and Reconceptualization” outlines how the term “engagement” is currently used by the interactive industry. The conclusion is that today, the term engagement actually describes three distinct phenomena:
  • Ad engagement: reviewing whether the creative is compelling and whether a consumer interacted with the ad in some way
  • Content engagement: gauging which content is most captivating on a site
  • Audience engagement: identifying which viewers are paying the most attention and are contributing to the conversation
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