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Caterham F1 Team

When the Caterham F1 Team was accepted into the Formula 1™ circuit, they had just five months to build a team from scratch. They had no cars, and no drivers — and nowhere near the type of technology it takes to build and maintain a 21st century Formula 1 racing team. Dell raced to the task and developed a powerful IT infrastructure to take the team from the desktop to the driver's seat, turning data into distance with the help of supercomputers capable of performing billions of calculations in the span of a few hours. Caterham F1 Team used their newfound support to create and test an exact replica of the car they'd later take to the track, using Dell technology to pinpoint and solve potential efficiency problems ahead of race day. With end-to-end solutions from Dell, powered by Intel®, Caterham F1 Team achieved their goal of lining up on the grid in 2010 — and became the top ranking new team of the season.
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