The release has been spotted by François Beaufort over on Google+ today, and appears to be a way for the technology giant to bring Android’s critically acclaimed Google Now cards to the desktop.
After downloading the latest build, Beaufort says users simply need to toggle on the “Enable Rich Notifications” under chrome://flags.
He also snapped up a screenshot of the new notification center in action, giving us an idea of how it might look and feel in everyday use. However, it’s important to remember that because this feature is in a developmental stage, Google could still change its appearance before a final release on Chrome.
The code detailed in the screenshot also explains how users can create their own notification within a regular Chrome extension – although Beaufort says this will also work for regular HTML5 notifications too. The box itself shows a simple text notification, which can be dismissed via the cross in the top right-hand corner. It also has a “Clear All” function, suggesting that multiple notifications can be queued up at any one time.

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